Podcast Royale Fight Night

Podcast Royale Fight Night at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
is going to be "wild"

Gear up for a night of raw power and gutsy glory with "The Podcast Royale," slated for April 27, 2024, on the Gold Coast. Alpha Events and Jamie Myer Productions are decking the halls for a knock-out extravaganza where the elite of Australia's podcasts ditch the talk and walk the walk—right into the boxing ring.

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer muscle and agility on display in the Ant Weight Bout, where the quick and the strong collide. Get a taste of the razzle-dazzle with lingerie boxing, where glamour packs a punch. Then, hold your breath for the 7-man blindfolded melee—a whirlwind of unpredictability. And when mates become rivals in the tag team skirmishes, watch as bonds are put to the ultimate test.

This isn't your average fight night; it's an all-out brawl fest, a carnival of high-octane thrills that's too good to pass up. Tickets are going to fly off the shelves for this blockbuster bash. So rally your crew, grab a cold one, and secure your ringside seat to witness podcasting titans forging their legacies with every jab and uppercut.

"The Podcast Royale" is where legends are born and tales of might unfold. Be there to soak it all in, and live the legend yourself!

Podcast Royale Afterparty

Podcast Royale Fight Night at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. is going to be "wild"

Saturday 27 April 2024, 9:00 PM

VenueGold Coast Entertainment Centre
Emedia Campaigns Pty Ltd Trading as 'ShowTicks'
Emedia Campaigns Pty Ltd Trading as 'ShowTicks' 2/71 Clara St, Wynnum QLD 4178

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Dates & Times

Date Times
Saturday 27 April 9:00pm - 1:00am

The Venue

Gold Coast Entertainment Centre


QLD Australia


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